Biohazard and color-coding label requirements

Disclosing potential hazards is carried out by using an appropriate labeling system that adheres to the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. This system ensures clear communication of contamination and risks.

All of these containers must have appropriate labeling:

  • Reusable sharps containers
  • Regulated waste disposal
  • Fridges or freezers used in the containment of blood or OPIM
  • Containers or packages used to store, transport, or ship blood or OPIM OPIM
  • Contaminated laundry bags and containers
  • Contaminated equipment due to be shipped or serviced

Within facilities, a red bag or container system can be used as an alternative to labels. However, clear signage in HBV/HIV labs and facilities is a requirement where contaminated materials or infected animals are used. Employees should have complete knowledge and training in handling pathogens and tissue cultures before working with HIV or HBV.

Note: Biohazard symbols must be a contrasting color on a fluorescent red or orange background. – Labeling Note: Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Class.