Top Tips Study Guide for CPR Tests


CPR, AED, First Aid, BBP and BLS Certification

The dates are set; the material has been defined. Will you be ready for your upcoming test with the CPR Heart Center? Use our study guide today.

This quick and easy study guide was created as a beneficial cheat sheet just for you and includes the latest info from the American Heart Association (AHA) in 2017 and the American Red Cross. We want to make sure that you’re as ready as possible for your course tests in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), AED (automated external defibrillator), First Aid, and BLS (basic life support) for Health Care Providers.

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What will I need to know?

The information you will need to know differs according to which course you are taking. Begin with a brief overview of the information required of you and then work down to get more detailed and granular from there.


What is the chain of survival and your place in it? Ensuring that appropriate steps are taken at the correct time is essential for an individual''s survival. What is the physiology of the body? What are the right ways to use chest compressions and an AED machine? What are the correct techniques for rescue breathing? You will also learn about choking situations and what to do when there are two rescuers.

First Aid

The correct way to administer First Aid depends on the situation a patient is facing. You'll need to know the correct actions to take in case of burns, shock, frostbite, and other situations.

CPR / AED / First Aid

Discover how to safely perform CPR, apply First Aid, and how to use an AED.

Bloodborne Pathogens

What is a pathogen and how do I mitigate the risks of one to myself and others? How do I provide care for someone while staying safe?

Healthcare – CPR / AED

How does a rescuer provide the correct level of CPR? How does one define the appropriate level?

Basic Life Support (BLS)

How does one or two rescuer(s) provide the correct level of CPR, First Aid, and BBP care? How does one define the appropriate level?

What else can I do to ace the test?

You have learned about health and support for those in crisis. The same principles may apply to yourself. There are many ways you can prepare for a test, including eating breakfast, making sure to get enough sleep, going over the material one final time before the test, and trying not to cram information. The brain works best if you incorporate steady studying over time instead of waiting until the last minute to absorb all the information at once.

With healthy habits and lots of studying, you will be able to do your best on your CPR/AED/First Aid/BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Providers tests.

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